It all started when...

The first step in the vision is the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center — the entrance and lobby to the new Children’s Hospital — followed by the children’s inpatient building, new and expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Women’s Hospital.

The new Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center is innovatively designed to engage children, distract them from their illnesses and meet the complex needs of families and physicians. It will also help Erlanger compete to attract the best medical talent from around the world.

Today, more children are treated in outpatient services for many illnesses/diseases that used to be deemed chronic and serious. Currently, outpatient services provide over 55,000 children a year, and with follow-up appointments 2-3 times per year on average.

The increasing demand for specialty referrals from other pediatric centers in our region is a vital service the new Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center will meet as well as providing effective delivery of treatment for specialties ranging from general pediatrics to cardiology.

The Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center will be home to an amazing array of services:

  • 22 pediatric specialties, ranging from cardiology, gastroenterology, and pulmonology to neurology, orthopaedics, and more

  • The region’s only certified pediatric genetics counseling

  • Centers for child psychology, physical therapy, hypertension, and more

  • H.E.A.L. (Healthy Eating Active Lifestyle) Center to address pediatric obesity

Clinical areas are designed with children and parents in mind to relieve anxiety. The new family-friendly environment will have a significant impact on the outcomes of children being treated.

When completed, the new Children’s Hospital at Erlanger will be the gateway to a Wellness and Innovation District that will spark the continued transformation of Third Street. The Erlanger Health System, the only academic health system in the region, will be a growing source of vitality economically and will continue to attract the best medical talent from around the world to Chattanooga.


Bruce Komiske

Erlanger is fortunate to have Bruce Komiske, MHA,FACHE—considered a world expert on all facets of hospital operations—onboard as the New Hospital Design and Construction Coordinator. Bruce’s goal, through innovative design, is to improve and enhance the healing process for the children visiting Erlanger.