Mac’s family brought him home from China a little more than two years ago and knew from the start that he had a blood disorder known as thalassemia. This disorder makes abnormal hemoglobin, which means the red blood cells in his body don’t function properly to carry oxygen to the other cells in his body. The only current treatment for this disorder is frequent blood transfusions or a bone marrow transplant, which Mac is not able to have at this time. Without the transfusions, Mac would not have the same energy other children his age do and his life would be shortened drastically because of the damage to his organs.

Thankfully, Mac can receive his transfusions right here at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger! He currently needs transfusions every three weeks and Mac is always excited when it’s “transfusion day.” From the lady at the front desk to the nurses to the doctors, Mac’s parents are so grateful for the personal level of care they receive. Mac’s mother even refers to them as extended family. She says, “Mac is able to run and play and live a full childhood thanks to the life-giving transfusions he receives at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger!”