When Justin began throwing up after complaining that his stomach hurt, his parents rushed him to the emergency room in Dalton, GA. Some tests revealed that he had leukemia and he was transferred by ambulance to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger where Dr. Keates confirmed the diagnosis. Justin’s parents were overwhelmed by the surge of information and tests performed on their son as they spent the next two weeks in the hospital, including a two night stay in the pediatric intensive care unit.

One day, Justin reacted negatively to the chemotherapy with a rash and trouble breathing. The doctors and nurses rushed in and were able to get the allergic reaction under control, but this meant that his treatment had to be altered. Instead of the traditional route of going through a port-a-cath, Justin would now receive intramuscular injections in each leg three times a week for two weeks with a one week break between rounds.

Justin’s parents praise the staff at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger for working with Justin to help him understand his diagnosis and how the chemo works to fight it. Over time, Justin has understood his sickness more and more and has begun the journey back to “normal.” His parents are so grateful for the care and compassion that all the doctors, nurses, child life specialists, social workers, and others showed their son.