After Evangelina spent the night with a fever and slight trouble breathing, her parents took her to her pediatrician first thing in the morning. The doctor sent her to the Children’s Emergency Room and they spent the next few hours monitoring her oxygen levels. Unfortunately, they never got better and Evangelina began to appear tired and listless, eventually leading to her collapse. When the doctor took her to the trauma room, they had trouble intubating her because her lungs were so full of fluid. A final doctor was finally able to intubate her and stabilize Evangelina on a ventilator.

Although the PICU was unusually busy, the doctors found a way for Evangelina to stay close to her home at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger rather than being transferred to another critical care unit. Her parents called this a miracle! A few days later, her oxygen levels still hadn’t changed and they moved her to a different type of ventilator. Her oxygen levels miraculously improved and after seven days, she began to successfully wean off the ventilator and was able to recover! Evangelina’s parents are so thankful for the life-saving staff at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, from the doctors and nurses to the child life specialists and even the janitors and cafeteria workers!