On December 3rd, 2016 Daniel was getting out of vehicle in a parking lot when a car drove off the road and struck him at 53 mph.  He was thrown into a wall by the impact, leaving extensive injuries throughout his body.  His lung collapsed and he couldn’t breathe due to extensive bleeding and trauma to his airway.

A CT scan at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger showed life threatening injuries including fractures in his skull, jaw, clavicle, face, elbow, hip socket, pelvis, and mouth trauma. Additionally, Daniel’s spleen was ruptured causing internal bleeding along with a traumatic brain bleed.

Over the next few months, Daniel went through countless surgeries on his long journey to recovery and spent numerous months after that in physical therapy and homebound school services. Through it all, he persevered and graduated along with his eighth grade class in May 2017!

As of August 2017, Daniel returned to his full time school schedule. He loves music and continues to practice his hobbies of playing guitar and piano. He is looking forward to skating and surfing again soon. His mother praises Children’s Hospital at Erlanger and says they are so grateful for each staff member that saved her son’s life. She says Daniel is a true miracle and inspiration to many!