Following a routine ultrasound during Carmen’s pregnancy, doctors discovered that Coleson had duodenal atresia, a condition in which the small intestine is not connected to the stomach. Ultrasounds also showed that he had problem with his heart; both of these would require surgery soon after his birth and hinted that he may have Down Syndrome.

On April 20th, 2012, Coleson entered the world via C-section. Three days after being born, he had his first surgery to connect his stomach to his intestine. The months that followed revealed many more issues including a malrotation of the intestine and Hirschsprung’s disease, a disease where some of the large intestines does not have nerves and does not function properly, conditions commonly associated with Down syndrome but rarely all in one child.

After 72 days in the NICU, Coleson was finally ready to go home! His parents learned all about how to adjust to life at home that included 21 doses of medication seven times a day, along with sterile dressing changes, refilling his feeding bag, and more. Another few surgeries over the next couple of years continued to allow Coleson’s body to develop normally and fix the remaining unresolved issues, including open-heart surgery, a colostomy, and eye surgery. Coleson may have given his parents and doctors a few scares, but he was determined to fight through it all!

Today, Coleson is enrolled in a general education kindergarten classroom surrounded by peers his own age. He knows his alphabet, colors, shapes, can spell his name, can count, can read sight-words, and more! His parents say, “He’s walking the walk and talking to the talk thanks only to God and all the care he received from his wonderful medical team!”